Club League USA’s 11th Player Scholarship

Some young people never get the chance to take up golf or develop their potential as players, due to obstacles beyond their control. Club League USA will address this issue through the introduction of a unique scholarship program that will open doors for deserving youth golfers to participate in this new, team-oriented approach to the game.

Clubs who field a 10-player team in Club League USA will have the ability to offer a scholarship to an additional youth player, between the ages of 8 and 15, who is not a club member. This young man or woman will show promise on and off the golf course and will receive complimentary registration and tournament fees for the entire 2021 Club League season.

“We are excited to expand the opportunity for more young golfers to participate in Club League USA through this innovative scholarship program,” says Jeremy Lee, PGA, Founder and CEO of, which sponsors Club League USA. “As we work to grow youth golf, we think it is important to look for players who are not club members but have the potential to develop their game. This financial support can make all the difference for a young player and provide them with the opportunity and motivation to become a better player.” Scholarship players will practice as part of the team and earn their spot in competition just like their teammates, while gaining valuable exposure to teaching and coaching in a club environment.

“The future growth of golf depends on the opportunities we give young players today,” says Lee. “Club League USA wants to ensure youth golfers from every background are given a chance to fulfill their potential, and we believe this scholarship program is an outstanding step in that direction.”

Team Golf—More Than Just Playing the Game

Pro football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath once said that playing team sports as a young man taught him that life is a team game. Perhaps no sport better exemplifies that statement than golf, the ultimate individual sport that also easily adapts to the team concept.

Club League USA will offer a tremendous framework for youth golfers to develop their individual skills while also learning to compete as part of a team. This league is the first of its kind, founded on the premise that golf clubs is the best environment for growing youth golf while teaching lessons that will span a lifetime.

“There are so many incredible advantages to being on a team,” says Jeremy Lee, PGA, Founder and CEO of, the sponsor of Club League USA. “I firmly believe our concept for Club League USA will not only develop young people as golfers, but as productive citizens who will give back to their communities in so many valuable ways.”

As a team member, young golfers quickly learn that others are counting on them. “When you know your score counts toward the team total, and your performance matters beyond just yourself, you learn how to compete and how to deliver results under pressure,” Lee says. “Competition is part of life and developing an appreciation for competition in a healthy environment is a distinguishing feature of our league.”

Golf has always been a game of personal integrity, and this trait is reinforced in a team environment. “It’s important to win and lose the right way,” says Lee, “and team golf teaches this to young players. They learn to be accountable not only to themselves, but to each other. They learn to play by the rules and to count on their teammates and competitors to do the same.”

Team golf also promotes humility and develops the ability for young players to accept coaching and constructive criticism. “When you’re on a team, your teammates, coaches and instructors are there to help you,” says Lee, “but you have to be receptive to their ideas and suggestions. I believe a team provides the best environment for young players to learn there are others who want to help them improve their game. By accepting that coaching and working on their game, young players see that their individual improvement helps the entire team.”

Club League USA Offers a New Approach to Youth Golf

The growth of competitive youth golf has been challenged over the years by competition from travel team sports. Club League USA, a new youth travel golf league sponsored by and centered around a team approach to the game and provide opportunities to develop young golfers while re-engaging families through club memberships and playing golf as a family. Club League USA will launch in March 2021, with team competition beginning in April.

“We are excited about the Club League USA concept and the positive impact it will have on youth golf,” says Jeremy Lee, PGA, Founder and CEO of Club League USA & “Golf clubs have the greatest potential to influence young golfers, and Club League USA will provide the structure that allows young people to learn so many of the life skills that come with being part of a team.”

Several features distinguish Club League USA from other youth golf programs:

  • Promotes a TEAM Approach to Youth Golf: Our league will encourage and develop valuable traits such as humility, leadership, and integrity that come with team membership. Young golfers will have a chance to represent their club with pride.
  • Values Competition: Club League USA believes healthy competition, fostered in an environment that values coaching and learning, is a trait young golfers should be exposed to. Competition, as well as winning and losing, are a part of life. Golf provides a healthy way for youth to be gracious in victory and defeat, have respect their competitors, and develop skills that will help them in every aspect of life.
  • Provides Championship Opportunities: Club teams will participate in tournaments during the season, which runs from April through November. Teams will earn points based on their finish in each tournament, with the top teams in each state earning spots in a 36-hole playoff in October. The top three teams in each state playoff will descend upon Pinehurst, North Carolina in November to compete for the Club League USA National Championship.
  • Benefits All Clubs: The proliferation of youth team travel sports has had a negative impact on golf clubs, as families spend more weekends traveling to these events. Club League USA will drive families back to clubs by providing a team travel environment for young golfers based in a club setting. Families will become more involved in a variety of club activities through their child’s participation in Club League, along with the development of their young golfer. Club League USA will be a valuable outlet for youth who are participating in other club programs, such as Drive, Chip & Putt and PGA Junior League, and also help grow their participation numbers. In addition, clubs will have the opportunity to generate revenue by hosting Club League USA tournaments and controlling participation costs for their teams.

Club League USA reflects’s commitment to growing and changing the game of golf, and providing this structure for youth golf is critically important, says Lee. “Club League USA will build relationships around the game for young golfers, their families and their clubs. It will create an environment where young golfers can thrive, develop their skills, learn the value of competition, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.”